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Create a tailored experience in the comfort of Verano Sin Fin

We've built a team of local service providers ready to come to Verano Sin Fin. Picture a yoga instructor leading you through sun salutations at sunrise, a private chef preparing delicious cuisine, or a masseuse helping you unwind after a day of hiking.

*Speak with our guest manager to finalize the details of your retreat week. 

Depending on your request, pricing may vary.

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  • Massage on the roof deck

  • $100 per hour

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Chef & Bartender

  • 3 course meals w/ bartender 

  • $100 per person for dinner

  • $30 per person for breakfast/lunch

Beach Yoga


  • 60 minute stretch or workout

  • $100 per hour


Rental Vehicles

  • F-150 Baja Raptor | $400/day

  • Yamaha Quad Raptor | $150/day

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Airport Transport

  • SUV Transport | $200 each way

  • Private Bus for larger groups


Maid Service

  • Daily turndowns & cleaning 

  • $100 per cleaning hour

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Muy Tranquilo

Elevate your well-being with a week-long immersive wellness retreat at our 5-bedroom private compound, with a curated daily schedule of wellness activities, spa services, farm-to-table chef-prepared meals, and guided outdoor sporting activities.

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